Coach Hassan was born and raised in Paterson NJ where he had a big interest in sports at an early age. He played baseball, football and basketball in Pop Warner League then continued his journey and talents on to high school. Hassan gravitated to basketball in high school and played as a starting point guard as a junior for the Eastside Mighty Ghost. Hassan achieved the honorable mentions of making the All county accolades. Eastside High School is a famous high school from the movie Lean On Me. So in other words don’t mess with Coach Hassan. Coach Hassan graduated then went on to play basketball for Carl Sandburg JR College in Galesburg, IL. After college Hassan went on to start a family also coached in Pop Warner League as youth football coach in NJ.

In 2010 Coach Hassan made the transferred to Houston, TX working in corporate America. Personal training started as a side hustle and also a way to meet people. In 2012 Coach Hassan stepped out on faith and started his personal training business Get Fit Nation Now, which is now known H&L Fitness, LLC. In 2014 he met Stephanie Trevino and they formed Team SBM. And currently owns Team SBM which has grown to be one of Houston Texas largest bodybuilding teams with members that span all over the country. Better known as Mister Results Online Coach Hassan can get you where you need to be.


Coach Shala & Co Owner of SBM Trainer Center(tripplesfitness) is first and foremost a mother of a good son.  The competitive, hardworking, never give up nature is hoped to be passed down to him.  These same attributes has followed Coach Shala all through her school years and beyond.  

While being athletic all through school, playing volleyball and basketball in Jr. High and High School and cheering at Texas Southern University, It was 2013 a long-time goal was finally accomplished.  Coach Shala joined Team SBM and in December 2013 competed in her first bodybuilding competition.  A fire was lit and soon Coach Shala became nationally qualified and currently working on joining the ranks of some of the best by becoming a Pro Athlete in Bodybuilding (IFBB).   
Being a Team SBM coach is very enjoyable and helping others feel better, look better, and live a better lifestyle is an awesome reward! 


Nicole Hudson

With over 20 years of personal training under my belt, I provide clients with an achievable path to better their physical and mental health. I specialize incorporating a mix of cardio, strength and conditioning training into my clients fitness plans. My mission is to help others find their best selves through movement. Whether it be weight loss, muscle building, or just an overall improved level of fitness. I’m passionate about guiding my clients on their journeys in reaching their personal goals.


Hello there! I'm Tre Sandlin, and fitness has been an integral part of my life since day one. As a lifelong athlete, I've always been fascinated by the incredible transformations that can be achieved through physical activity. This passion led me to pursue a bachelor's degree in nutrition, further deepening my understanding of the vital role that proper nutrition plays in optimizing performance and well-being.

In 2019, I took a significant step towards expanding my skills and knowledge by joining Reggie C Fitness. This experience provided me with valuable exposure to diverse training methodologies and client populations, allowing me to fine-tune my coaching techniques and program design skills. Working alongside experienced professionals, I was able to gain insights into the art of crafting effective fitness regimens tailored to individual needs and goals.

To broaden my horizons even further, I decided to train at The Met Athletic Club in 2021. This opportunity allowed me to explore new training approaches and work with a dynamic community of fitness enthusiasts. By immersing myself in this environment, I was able to refine my abilities as a trainer and develop a comprehensive understanding of the latest trends and techniques in the industry.

To solidify my expertise and ensure that I provide my clients with the highest quality of service, I obtained certification with the National Personal Training Institute. This certification serves as a testament to my commitment to professional excellence and validates my ability to guide others towards their fitness goals safely and effectively.

My ultimate mission as a fitness professional is to empower individuals to reach their full potential and become the best versions of themselves. I understand that each person's fitness journey is unique, and I strive to create personalized programs that encompass their goals, preferences, and abilities. By focusing on the integration of exercise, nutrition, and mindset, I aim to provide a holistic approach that fosters long-term success and sustainable lifestyle changes.

I firmly believe that fitness is a transformative journey, not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally. By creating a supportive and motivating environment, I'm dedicated to helping others surpass their own expectations and unlock their true potential.

Join me on this exhilarating path of self-discovery and let's work together to achieve your goals, cultivate a strong sense of well-being, and become the best version of yourself that you can be.

Hello! My name is Lai Thomas. I am an experienced personal trainer and fitness enthusiast! Whether it’s weight-loss, muscle building, or just an overall improved level of fitness, I’m passionate about guiding my clients on their journeys and reaching their goals. When working with clients, my mission is to help them focus on a balanced, sustainable approach to fitness physically and mentally! 


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