Thank you for your interest in Team SBM. My name is Amber Eutsey. I have been a member of this amazing group of humans since May 2014. If you ask what got me interested in competing(and subsequently coaching), I would have to say my coach, mentor, and now, business partner-Team SBM head coach, Hassan Davis- is that reason. BUT, if you were to ask me: Why

did you keep going? I would have to tell you how this lifestyle has SAVED my life. If you let my family tell it, I was going 100mph into a brick wall after graduating from Auburn University in December 2013, before I moved to Houston. I moved to Texas to grow, yet found myself back in
the same environments and situations I thought I’d left behind. BUT GOD. As broken as the road was, I was led to bodybuilding and it forced me to strip away all of extracurricular activities that did not serve me or others around me in a beneficial way. I went from having constant anxiety and anxiety attacks to none at all. I went from needing to be numbed via drugs and alcohol, to showing others a way out of feeling that same debilitating need.

In December 2015, after my first nationals competition, I walked away from my corporate gym position and started working/training clients for myself. With the help of Hassan, and Tony Jones at Mo City Fitness, I have SUCCESSFULLY never looked back. Fast forward 7 months; After two years of training under Hassan and my nutritionist, and 1.5 years into competing in the NPC
I earned my IFBB Figure Pro status in July 2016. I have since trained, coached, and guided hundreds of other amazing Kings and Queens to success in their own fitness journey-from athletes, to competitors, to lifestyle clients, and the like.

My background Since starting soccer at the age of four, I have been consistently active in competitive sports for most of the past 26 years. Soccer and basketball took up the greater portion of those years. Followed by Equestrian, Track/Cross Country, Motocross, and Rugby. Even with all the disciplines, skills, and conditioning I learned throughout each of these experiences, it wasn’t
until college that I pursued the health & wellness side of fitness. I became a huge fan of Dr. Sebi and considered myself a rawist for over a year and 90% plant-based for 2 years. This is when things really began to click and I became a believer in what a truly healthy lifestyle had to offer. I felt like superwoman. Colors became more vibrant; Tastes and smells became more
potent. BUT it wasn’t until after graduating, moving in with different family members and roommates and adjusting to true adulthood and falling back into a downward spiraling lifestyle that I gained a true appreciation and NEED for it. After meeting Hassan at 24 hour fitness, I ran back to this lifestyle- this time including a true lifting regime- at 100mph and have been going this direction ever since. With my 26 year sports’ background, 7 years of bodybuilder experience(5yrs as pro), and my multiple years training and learning under 2 different corporate gyms and the NAFC, it will be a sincere honor to be your coach. Won’t you join us?

Amber Eutsey